Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Came and Went...

Happy Easter! The eggs were found, the candy was traded, and the peeps were delicious.
We took a trip to the Memphis Zoo, and that was fun.
We looked for Bill in the China exhibit.
Soccer is over. Henry and Charlotte both had unremarkable seasons. Their favorite part is the snack after the game.
Henry was always hovering around the ball, but rarely making contact. He looked busy. We had a great spring thunderstorm that dumped buckets, and then the kids swam in the runoff.
We are already swimming. Every morning we find frogs in the pool. For a while, there would be huge gelatinous masses of frog eggs, too. I gave them all to the Pratts.
The Double Decker Festival was really fun. We spent the day with the rest of the town.
Henry (and his giant teeth) have started Cub Scouts. He is so enthusiastic! We love you, Henry!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

We needed some fresh ideas for April Fools Day this year. Bill is in China, and he suggested I prepare an exotic dinner of southern delicacies: chickens' feet and pigs' ears. I went to the store, but I couldn't bring myself to touch the packages.

Plan B was gathering all the clothes that were on the kids' bedroom floors, and "displaying" them in the front yard.

For dinner we had our $5 feast--always delicious and nutritious.

The menu consisted of:
Hannah > Superman cupcakes
Max > fried chicken
Charlotte > Gushers
Henry > Ice Cream Drumsticks and JuicyFruit Gum
Alisa > Potato wedges and chocolate milk
We definitely missed Bill's contribution this year!

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