Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes, they are athletes. They train. They compete. They can't wait until it's over. They hate it. It has always been my dream to either compete in the Olympics myself or have one of my children compete. Another dream dies. I guess it's up to me.

The boys had to wear speedos. It was almost a deal-breaker. Max was worried about people seeing his "package."

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Hiatus is Over

Well, I'm back. My blogging hiatus is over. And what, you ask, compelled me to resume the chronicling of our daily lives?


During snack time, Henry's friend Will took his straw out of his Capri Sun. He stuck it in his armpit and blew. A perfectly pitched, super-loud fart sound issued forth. Life for Henry will never be the same. His life will be forever divided into two parts: BAFT and AAFT (before armpit fart trick and after armpit fart trick). Today is Day 2 AFT.

After school, Henry wasted no time in sharing this new discovery with us. Everyone had to try it...again and again and again. It really is amazing.

Just look at them. It makes a mother proud.

Best trick ever.

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