Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hannah's First Year at Girls' Camp

Our little girl is growing up! Hannah is 12, so it was her first year at Girls' Camp. I was so excited for her, fondly remembering my days at camp--full of fun and laughter, crafts and spiritual experiences.
Apparently, Hannah is not a big camper. She had fun, but there were travails along the way. I believe I have done her a disservice by providing the life of luxury to which she is accustomed. (Hah!) We need to toughen her up. The obvious remedy is to send her off to "Outward Bound" or the Marines.
Here are some lowlights of her camp experience.
Meeting at the church on Wednesday at 7:15am, 82 degrees.

Finally home at Saturday at 12:30pm, 94 degrees. Sporting a sunburn.

Bad blisters. Visit #1 to the nurse.

Wasp sting to the head. Visit #2 to the nurse.

Bum sores from riding horses. Too embarrassed to visit nurse.

Bill stayed the night as "security patrol." He so tired.

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Cyndi said...

I love your blog. It cracks me up you put the temp. with the time. I too have fond memories of girls camp...however for some reason I think Hannah's experience was different from mine. Riding horses? Blisters? Wasp stings? I remember is eating tons of candy, staying up way to late, making skits,braiding hair and balling my eyes out at the campfire testimony meeting. (I think maybe we went on a small hike...with many stops :))

Aimee Erickson said...

Hannah is such a good sport. She let you take a picture of her behind. Also she is so grown up looking. She looks like a mature version of a little girl who used to live here.

Tanner Family Blog said...

I am excited to see you and hear all about girls camp. I still remember how much fun it was!

Maybe you can teach Truman some of your new camping skills. He is going on the father and son campout with Nathan, so you and he can swap stories.

We love you!