Monday, November 17, 2008

How did we get so lucky...

I know every parent feels this way, but...
I look at her, and I can't believe we got so lucky to have a daughter like Hannah. As she has gotten older, it has been a revelation getting to know her as she grows up and changes. She is 13 now, and it is both wonderful and terrible as she shares with me all those experiences that make up adolescence.

Hannah is a source of wonder to me. I just assumed that my daughter would be exactly like me. But she is growing into her own person, and it is so fun to watch and be a part of it. She loves to sleep in. She says funny things. She wants to be a vegetarian.(?) She is sometimes afraid of what is happening in the world. She likes clothes and shoes that I would NOT chose for her. She is protective of the other kids. She is annoyed by the other kids. She doesn't like to chit-chat in the morning. She loves animals. She puts a lot of pressure on herself about her grades. She likes watching old classic movies. She completely FREAKS out if she has to get a shot. She LOVES texting with her cell phone. She wants to get "side bangs." She loves her room messy. She likes pick-up trucks. She loves to make things out of things. She is beautiful.

She is in Choir at school, and this last week she had a competition and a concert.

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Tanner Family Blog said...

I wish so much we could have been there to see Hannah in concert! Maybe when I come and visit Hannah will sing for me and Grace and Charlotte can be her back up dancers!
Seriously - how did I get so lucky to be her aunt!! Hannah - we miss you and think you are amazing!
I don't like to talk early in the morning either!
We love you!

Marianne said...

What a sweet posting....and what a wonderful girl Hannah is. How lucky you all are to have each other....because I think you and Bill are fab also!

PS...they choir outfits are cute....they remind me of Harry Potter!

Tina said...

Hannah TOTALLY rocks!!! She's sooo cooooowahl! And she always looks so tang! (that's a good in the 70's when Tang was THE cool thing to drink, definitely hip and out-of-sight!) Best of all to me, she reminds me of Em!