Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Visit Ever!

Rachel and Grace came to visit for two and a half days. We ate at Newk's three times. Rachel's favorite restaurant in the whole world is Newk's. It's all she wants to talk about.

The pure joy of being together again.

Everybody tried to squeeze into the smart car.

There were lots of theatrical productions.

Thank you for coming! We miss you so much already!

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Ardis's Adventures said...

How fun! It looks like it was a wonderful trip for both your family and for Rachel and Grace. Is the smart car yours?

Tanner Family Blog said...

It seriously was THE BEST TRIP EVER! We loved seeing you guys and we had soooo much fun!!!
We miss you!
We love you!!

Ardis's Adventures said...

I do occasionally enjoy (herbal) tea in the afternoon, although I am not a fan of Camilla (actually, I would say most of the British do not really favor her. Isn't that whole situation with her and Prince Charles and Diana just weird?). Haha.
Will you tell Charlotte that I'm sorry I haven't yet responded to that sweet note she posted on my blog a few weeks ago, and that it made me very happy to get it from her? Also that I am glad that she got to spend time with Grace and that I hope she had a wonderful time? Charlotte is just the best!
Love you guys.