Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Since Bill is in China, the kids were in charge of Mother's Day. They wanted to go to Walmart and buy me presents, so I told them to go find the things they wanted to give me, and we would meet at the cash registers where I wouldn't look, but I would give them the debit card to make their purchases.

Here is what they brought:
Max: The DVD Pirates of the Carribean, 3. (He said I have told him this is one of my favorite movies.) And a Cinnabon-scented candle.

Charlotte: The CD from the Hannah Montana movie, and glamorous earrings.

Henry: I saw Henry talking to the lady at the "fine jewelry" counter. He was trying to purchase a diamond encrusted gold locket. I thanked him, but said I don't need such an extravagant gift. In the end, he bought a king-sized Payday bar, and a balloon with roses inside it (pictured above).

Hannah was exempt from the shopping spree because she is gave me the gift of cleaning the house all week, making the Mother's Day dinner, and she painted me a beautiful picture.

It was a great Mother's Day! I love those kids!

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Lindsay said...

Balloons in a FANCY!!! Glad you had a good Mother's day! You are a fabulous mother!

Marianne said...

That is too cute....I love how Max and Charlotte got you things that perhaps they may use more than you!!!

That Henry....he's gonna be a lady killer with giving diamonds and all!

Hannah is so thoughtful.....sounds like a nice mother's day!

shanaya said...

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