Thursday, July 10, 2008

College Fund

We saw a fountain on campus, and the boys wanted to take a little dip. Jackpot! Have we no shame? Apparently not, because Max and Henry spent half an hour cleaning the fountain out of pennies. Maybe our ship has finally come in. Maybe this is our second stream of income. Maybe we can set our sights above trade schools for the kids. We're just living the American dream...just don't tell campus security.

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Shawn Telford said...

You are a 100% fun mom!! These are the things your kids will remember. Good luck on the college fund. I'll keep my eyes open for some more fountains for you to explore. Do I get a percentage?

Tina said...

Now I know what we can do with all of that loose change in Steve's office desk drawer. Where is that fountain? Oh, wait...we are in immediate need of a college fund. Sorry boys!

Cyndi said...

My question is: what are they doing in their swimming suits and goggles on campus? I think you have been eying that fountain for awhile....ummmm

What's next, diving for golf balls at the Links? ha ha

Ardis's Adventures said...

How fun! Those look like two happy boys enjoying their adventure.