Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Henry Loses a Tooth

Henry, who is 7, just lost one of his front teeth! We have been waiting and waiting! This is the fourth tooth that Henry has lost.

The Tooth Fairy doesn't have a very good track record with Henry. Every time he has put a tooth under his pillow, the Tooth Fairy has not come the first night because she (or he) has been sleepy and forgetful. So Henry wakes up the next morning very sad and confused.

Maybe one day the Tooth Fairy will apologize to Henry for not giving his teeth the attention and focus that his older siblings' teeth were given. Maybe he will not be traumatized by the Tooth Fairies failings, or the noticeable lack of pictures of his infancy and childhood compared to his siblings', or that his Baby Book is still not put together yet, or that his parents' sympathies for cuts and bruises have noticably diminished with each child according to their birth order. Basically, Henry is having to raise himself.

Henry, we are so sorry! Good luck, and keep up the good work!

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Tanner Family Blog said...

Congratulations Henry!!
We are sooooo excited to see you next week!!!

We love you!

Grace said...

Hi Henry
Set a trap for the tooth fairy!

Grace and Charlotte

Tina said...

Henry's self reliance will lead the Fye family one day...with a broad and beautiful smile!

Ardis's Adventures said...

Oh, Henry is so cute! I remember those days when the tooth fairy would not come the first night after I had lost a tooth, but luckily for my sister and I the tooth fairy provided interest for each missed night, so we'd end up getting a lot more when the tooth fairy finally showed up. It was a pretty sweet deal for us.
Can I mention again how amazingly cute your blog is? I love the setup of it!

Shawn Telford said...

Henry must have the same tooth fairy as Sidney. Bummer! The idea of interest is good. That will bring a smile. Hey...those fountains may just come in handy! You make me laugh Alisa! I love your blog! By the way....AWESOME chips....I should have never asked.

Aimee Erickson said...

Maybe Henry ought to charge interest for late payments.

Bill said...

The tooth fairy is the biggest flake. One time, the tooth fairy left a tooth on the desk after making the under-the-pillow cash drop. I think that tooth ended up costing double.

There is definitely something different happening here in terms of customer service than when I was a kid.

I suspect that the tooth fairy now outsources the actual retreival work to some company overseas for 10 cents on the dollar. That's the only thing that would explain the poor quality of work and the delays in getting problems resolved.

I can't blame the tooth fairy. I'm sure it's difficult to find people willing to work the odd hours, and the title itself is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I would also imagine that having people handle all that cash in small denominations results in quite a few incidents of petty embezzling.

Outsourcing keeps profits up, costs down and limits the tooth fairy's liability. It's the American way.