Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great Book!

My sister Rachel sent me this book, and it totally changed my life! Thanks Rach--best gift ever! It talks about the nature of revelation, how it comes to us, the principles that govern it, the role of faith and self-reliance in receiving it, and how to recognize it. It is all stuff I have known all my life, but there's something about this book that opened my eyes and let me see how it works every day in my own life. You have got to read it!

Oh, and this was in our dining room this morning. Nice.

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Aimee Erickson said...

hey, can you use your revelation skills to find out who my boyfriend should be?

Bill said...


That frog in the picture is really a prince. You are half a continent one kiss away from your new dream boyfriend!

Tanner Family Blog said...

Weird....I keep trying to leave a comment but it won't let me. I have no idea if this one will work - this is like my 4th one..and I'm worried they will all show up later at some point.
As I have said 4 other times - i'm glad you like the book - and how did you change the comment layout??