Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hannah's 1st Temple Trip

This week Hannah went to the temple for the first time with the youth. I was so glad I could go with her! It was wonderful to see her in the temple. We are so proud of Hannah and what a good girl she is. She had a really great experience. It makes me look forward to the many times we will go there with her in the years to come.

On a side note, we recently installed the Angel Moroni as our dashboard ornament.

Instead of a flashing light and a siren, we have Moroni.

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Lisa said...

I love it! Love the Angel Moroni dash ornament. You guys are hilarious. Congrats to Hanna - hope many more temple trips are to come.

Aimee Erickson said...

Just say no! It's not too late!

Emilie said...

Aww! I'm sooo sad I missed that! Congrats Hannah
I miss you guys!

Tanner Family Blog said...

Hannah, You look so grown up and beautiful in that picture!! You are taller than your mom!!
I wish I could have been there with you guys! We miss you!