Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy Week...

Whew, this week was so busy! Bill will have to blog about China--his pictures are great! The grand finale of the week was Halloween. Bill and I, along with thousands of other Americans, were McCain and Palin.

Hannah was a witch, Max was a ninja, Henry was a power ranger, and Charlotte was a pirate.

The night ended with the trading of the candy. Send all baby ruths, paydays and reese's my way.

Hannah was in charge of the cake walk at our Trunk or Treat. She did it for her Personal Progress.

Charlotte and Henry both had Halloween parties at school. It was fun because they got to wear costumes.
This is Charlotte and her friend Meena. Meena is teeny tiny.

Henry got really sweaty wearing his costume all day.

This week my friend Carol McGuire went to the temple for the first time! I was able to be her escort, and it was a really special experience. A group of us went up to Memphis together, and it was great. It has been a huge blessing to see Carol get baptized with her daughters, and now go to the temple. Our ward here has become like family to me.

On Monday, we carved pumpkins and they turned out really great! The photos don't do them justice. (I can't figure out how to take pictures with my camera at night.)

Hannah's masterpiece.

Who knew that an avacado bathtub could double as a pirate ship?
Cast of characters:
Ruthless Pirate--Charlotte
Damsel in Distress--Henry
Serving Wench--Hannah

Henry and Charlotte are both in a program called "Insights" at school. They attend a special class one day a week, and they do special projects and enrichment activities. This week, the Insights kids went on a field trip to the Tunica River Park and Museum. We rode up and down the Mississippi on the Tunica Queen, where there was live banjo music and dancing. Charlotte was too shy to dance, but Henry was a wildman. It was so fun to be able to go with both of them!

There was a Barbeque Throwdown and carnival in town this week. Now I remember why we never go to carnivals: $4 rides. We have to make a choice--it's carnivals or college. OK, it's actually carnivals or trade school.

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Marianne said...

Way busy week. I am soooo happy for Carol!!!

Angela said...

Congrats to Carol!! I miss Mississippi so much!! It looks like you guys are having fun, like always!

Tanner Family Blog said...

I love this post because I got a glimpse at what's been happening! I love your expression as Palin!

The kids look great! So big!!!
We miss you guys!!!!!!

Ardis's Adventures said...

Wow, what a fun week! I love the Halloween costumes, you make a very good Palin. And Henry makes a very good damsel in distress. I'm thinking that those pictures will come in handy when meeting future girlfriends in a few years!

Tanner Family Blog said...

I LOVE the new family pictures!! I expecially love the individual ones of each child. Henry's totally doing a male model pose!!!
Everyone looks great!!

Aimee Erickson said...

Aimee here. Love the costumes and the get-out-the-vote attitude. Seeing your living room furniture and rug and paint color made me remember good times at your house on Flower Street. Leg-wrestling, planning our talent show skit, someone's baby shower (last one I've ever been to), your overnight painting shenanigans. Good times.