Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Snippets of Our Week

Today between sessions of General Conference, our ward had its traditional potluck dinner. I love our ward and consider them my family here in Oxford. Conference was great. I loved President Eyring's talk about unity and President Monson's talk about change and enjoying the journey. Very inspirational!

Yesterday we met the Pratts who were camping at Sardis Lake. They have a totally sweet set-up with their trailer, AND they have satelite TV. The kids' favorite part was lighting the fire and roasting anything/everything.
Henry shakes his booty whenever anyone points a camera his way. Is that normal?

We are freaking out because of the economy. Maybe I will finally lose weight after all, because we won't be able to buy gas or food or clothes.

Hannah has a killer canker sore that is taking over the world.

Our dishwasher konked out on us. I will never take the dishwasher for granted again.

Bill spent last weekend in Houma, Louisiana helping with hurricane relief.

The weather has cooled down and the humidity is gone, and it is beautiful here now. Fall is in the air. Our Halloween decorations are up. It seems like time is flying by. Our kids, and everyone else's, are growing up so fast! I wish the years would slow down. Bill and I were saying last night that our next anniversary will be our 20th! I AM grateful for the journey!

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Cyndi said...

The potluck sounded so yummy. We just couldn't get out of our jammies.

The picture of the kids is awesome. Max is superman, Charlotte is cute as a peach and Henry is the goof off. It is a classic trio.

What are those package meals? Those look storage?

Aimee Erickson said...

Thanks to your blog, I know lots about your life (even in little snippets) and you know almost nothing about mine. I was thinking of doing a cycle oregon post on my blog...but since it's an art blog it would just be the drawings I did. Anyway, here is news: I just finished a portrait of 5 year old Megan (watch for it on my blog). The first frost was last night and today, never mind what the thermometer says, it feels like it is freezing. I wore a down jacket all day. The heat is on. It is soup season. There was a landslide on Burlingame Place above Terwilliger. A house fell 300 feet down the hill. I naturally went over to have a look. It is all blocked off. My friend Kathleen lives three doors down from the house that is gone. Those people don't even have a lot any more. The newspaper said something about their house being insured, but not for landslide. It knocked two other houses off their foundations too. You can read about it on oregonlive .com. They have photos too.
The grapes are ripe. I need a cider press to make grape juice. (Not wine, if you were wondering.)
If anyone reading this has a cider press, or a wine press, please contact me.
I am on a new diet: the chocolate crackle cookie diet. I go to the bakery every day and have two, usually, but sometimes three. They are delicious and very satisfying. I have not lost any weight yet but I am sure my metabolism is about to kick in.
This is from Aimee.

Bill said...


They are MREs and they are totally NOT awesome! I opened two of the meals to check them out and they were really really bad. Really.

The relief headquarters had too many of them left over, so they let us take some home with us. Even at the price of "free" I paid too much for them.

These aren't the real military MREs that you can eat. They are obviously more targeted for the food storage, rather than food eating crowd.

If you plan to stick these in a closet for 10 years and then throw them away, they would work great for that. If you plan to live off them when while resisting a robot uprising, you better stick with the real military MREs. And be sure to store something heavy like a sledge hammer, because bullets will just bounce off a robot, but a sledge hammer will take them out.

Lisa said...

Love the picture of Hannah's canker sore - thanks. Bill - I hope a robot uprising is not in our future, but maybe you could just throw the food at it and they would retreat.

Ardis's Adventures said...

Wait, there's a Sardis lake near you? That's awesome! That's totally like my name plus an extra s!