Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Week's Happenings

Henry and Charlotte have been re-enacting The First Thanksgiving. It usually happens when there is nothing else to do. Sometimes a parade is involved. Henry is Samuel Adams, a pilgrim. I think he went on to open a brewery.
Charlotte is a friendly Native American Indian. Her character is loosely based on Pocahontas, and she can see the color of the wind and talk to animals.
The re-enacted Thanksgiving dinner lasts about 2 minutes, not three days. And they are eating mac n' cheese.
It has been SUPER cold here for the last couple of weeks. Our pond is frozen, and the kids got up at the crack of dawn to break up the ice.

Last night our friends the Cantrells had a HUGE bonfire for the Young Women and the Scouts. It was so fun! Thanks Cantrells!

I went up to wake Charlotte up one day this week, and this is what I found. Grace, we wish you were here to wear your night mask with Charlotte!
The kids came home one day this week ELATED because their bus driver, Ms. Trailer, who is the "meanest bus driver EVER", is retiring on December 1. They had an early retirement celebration for Ms. Trailer.
Bill is in China again, looking over a new factory they are going to use to build their trucks. The first shipment of the 2-wheel drive trucks came in this week, and they are SO CUTE! Nice job, Sarge Motors!

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Tanner Family Blog said...

I am laughing out loud as I read your post! I wish we were there to watch the first thanksgiving. Lucy could be Grandmother Willow, Truman could be the pesky squirrel and Grace could be Pocahantas's best friend.
Henry - you crack me up! I can almost hear him laughing when I look at his picture!
Grace keeps her monkey mask hanging on her bed - but Truman mostly wears it.
The trucks look great! Are you going to get one and drive it around town??
I love this post - We miss you!!!!

Grace said...

I love your blog! I really miss you all! I wish I could wear my night mask with Charlotte too. No luck on potty training the trumanator. can't wait till January.
I love you all

CHG said...

BMW-Billfye Motor Works
I want one. Do they go fast enough to go on the L A freeways?