Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Day...

I love waking the kids up in the morning. They are warm and soft and sleepy. They are slow and sweet and pliable. Sometimes I lay down with them just to savor the moment. I squeeze them and smell them. We talk in quiet voices.

It is a new day, and I can imagine that today, I will be the perfect mother to them. I won't lose my patience, I won't be short with them, I will pay attention to everything they have to tell me. What is important to them will be important to me. I will take the time to tell them how much I love them. It will be a day of happiness and peace.

Today, they will be the perfect children I know they can be. Only kind words will be spoken. There will be no arguing, no tattle-taleing. There will be no touching of each others' things without permission. There will be no spilling of drinks. They will love and appreciate each other. This will be a wonderful day.

That is why I love waking them up every day. No matter what happened the day before, there is the hope of a new day, one in which we can do better.

Hannah falls asleep with her glasses on.

Max kisses us goodnight every night.
Charlotte writes in her journal at night before she goes to bed.
Henry sleeps with stuffed animals, and he will only go to bed if Charlotte is in her room.

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Lisa said...

so sweet. I completely agree with the new day. Wasn't God so wise?

Tanner Family Blog said...



And look at you all tricked out blogging with different color words!
I'm worried Hannah is going to bend her glasses when she sleeps.
That is the cutest thing that Henry will only fall asleep if Charlotte is in his room! What a sweetheart!

Cyndi said...

So refreshing! I love this post. You have such good, sweet children. I hope that my children will know all the answers in primary like yours. They are so smart.

I got the Elf on the Shelf at Treehouse (toy store on the square). I heard Lily Pad also sells them. Hopefully they still have some :)

Karen said...

Loved getting your christmas card, made my day and gave me extreme homesickness for you and everything portland. Your kids are so grown up and beautiful. If I have your email address I can add you to my private blog that I don't keep up on so well. Karen Johnson