Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Christmas Fervor

Things here have been so busy as the kids have been home from school and we have been in that pre-Christmas state of over-excitement. There have been many art projects, many games, many forts, and much examining of the presents under the tree.

Hannah and her sextet sang at the hospital at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Henry has been out of control. He has lost a few presents, but I am weak and I always let him earn them back. Every time he does something naughty, "it was a accident!"

Hannah and Charlotte played "Good Guys v. Bad Guys." I was the bad guy, and they cuffed me. Apparently, someone has been telling Henry about an institution called "juvie" and he has been talking about it constantly. He asked questions like "What kinds of things make you go to juvie?" and "If someone goes to juvie, can their parents get them out?"

Charlotte and her partner won First Place in a gingerbread house competition at school. They built a Sonic. My favorite part is the twinkie cars.

Max's school had a sing-along. Max and his friends were nuts.

We have had freezing weather, but no snow. It has been fun to have it nice and cold. The kids are so envious of all the snow in Portland!

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4 flood gates said...

How fun to see your blog! What a beautiful family! If you'd like to check out my blog, send me an email & I'll add you in. I just went private this week. Sherri BTW, Karen in Utah also has a blog, but has also gone private recently.

NeweyFamily said...

The snow has been fun (it was everyone's first white Christmas ever-except mine (Carol)), but enough is enough!

The kids got three weeks out of school this year, but the first week they still had homework - that wasn't too fun for them!