Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes, they are athletes. They train. They compete. They can't wait until it's over. They hate it. It has always been my dream to either compete in the Olympics myself or have one of my children compete. Another dream dies. I guess it's up to me.

The boys had to wear speedos. It was almost a deal-breaker. Max was worried about people seeing his "package."

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Hiatus is Over

Well, I'm back. My blogging hiatus is over. And what, you ask, compelled me to resume the chronicling of our daily lives?


During snack time, Henry's friend Will took his straw out of his Capri Sun. He stuck it in his armpit and blew. A perfectly pitched, super-loud fart sound issued forth. Life for Henry will never be the same. His life will be forever divided into two parts: BAFT and AAFT (before armpit fart trick and after armpit fart trick). Today is Day 2 AFT.

After school, Henry wasted no time in sharing this new discovery with us. Everyone had to try it...again and again and again. It really is amazing.

Just look at them. It makes a mother proud.

Best trick ever.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Summer Flew By...

We had the best summer! We spent the month of July in Portland, and it was so fun! Bill had to be in China the whole time, so he couldn't come. We missed him!
The hardest part of living in Mississippi is being away from family. We stayed with Rachel and Nathan, and we had so much fun! It was heaven.

Mom got married to Lynn. The wedding was at Black Butte. The grandaughters sang. Henry was the ring-bearer, which he kept reminding me was the most important part of the ceremony.

The Fyes: Bill (in China), Alisa (who is changing her name to Betsy), Henry, Max, Hannah and Charlotte.

The Dossas: Emily, Scott, Sam and Claire.

The Brooksbys: Craig and Windy, Shep, Hadley, Jake, Baker and Birdie.

The Tanners: Rachel and Nathan, Grace, Truman and Lucy.

The Cheneys: Anne and John, Gavin and Cailey.

The Brooksbys: Ben and Julie, Elizabeth and baby-on-the-way.

We saw all our old friends from the neighborhood. We had to have a kickball game for old times' sake.

Our good friends the Kresls organized a trip to Kah-Nee-Tah where we stayed in TeePees. We all did a river trip together, and it was non-stop squirt gun wars.

Aimee came with us to Mississippi Records.
Upset the fruit basket.

Bowling with the McIntoshes.
Hannah and Anna: BFFs.

There is a lot of singing in the Tanner home. They are so musical!

This is what I miss. The everyday little things: watching Lucy dance, helping her pick out her clothes, reading books.

Time-out for Truman. Lucy keeps him company.

Great Wolf Lodge. It was amazing! The kids had so much fun.

The Tornado.

Seeing Laurel and Grandma Brooksby.

Lunch on the grass.

The pool at Black Butte lodge.
Paulina Springs.

The Spruce Goose Museum.
Cannon Beach.

It was over 100 degrees in Portland for days, so everyone headed to the beach. I love the Oregon coast.

Slip and slide at the Dossas.
All the girls.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Charlotte's Gospel Standards

I found this letter in Charlotte's room. Lately Max has been watching old re-runs of the TV show "Family Matters." He thinks the hi-jinks of Steve Erkle are hilarious.

Apparently Charlotte and Heavenly Father disagree.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAX IS 12!!!

Our Max turned 12 years old last week! It is quite a milestone. Max is one of my favorite people in the world. He is always happy, he has a great sense of humor, he's not moody, he's very helpful, and he is such a kind-hearted kid! I don't think he has ever woken up in a bad mood. I thank him for that.
Max was ordained a deacon and was made first counselor in the Deacon's Quorem. It was so tender to see him pass into this new part of his life! We are so proud of him. He is soooo excited to be in Young Men's now! We gave him a blazer for his birthday, and it was his favorite present. He kept wanting to wear his "tux" (without a shirt) because it is smooth and silky inside.
Hannah stayed up late the night before his birthday and filled up balloons. She almost passed out. I'm still finding little pieces of balloon everywhere.
Max and his friends went to the movies, then came and spent the night. And just to be clear, boys are loud and wild and have no impulse control.
Shinanagans galore.
The Pratts gave Max a tricked-out rocket. Bill, the rocket scientist, spent all morning trying to launch. Finally, we had lift-off. It was awesome.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Rach!

Today is my sister Rachel's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I wish I was there to...ceeeelebrate good times, c'mon!

On this day, I pay tribute to Rachel for being:
A best friend,
A fashion consultant,
A therapist,
Someone my kids LOVE,
A fountain of pop culture knowlege,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
A safe place,
A great mother,
A constant support.

My friend describes Rachel by saying that when she smiles, the sun comes out.
Happy Birthday, Rach!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Since Bill is in China, the kids were in charge of Mother's Day. They wanted to go to Walmart and buy me presents, so I told them to go find the things they wanted to give me, and we would meet at the cash registers where I wouldn't look, but I would give them the debit card to make their purchases.

Here is what they brought:
Max: The DVD Pirates of the Carribean, 3. (He said I have told him this is one of my favorite movies.) And a Cinnabon-scented candle.

Charlotte: The CD from the Hannah Montana movie, and glamorous earrings.

Henry: I saw Henry talking to the lady at the "fine jewelry" counter. He was trying to purchase a diamond encrusted gold locket. I thanked him, but said I don't need such an extravagant gift. In the end, he bought a king-sized Payday bar, and a balloon with roses inside it (pictured above).

Hannah was exempt from the shopping spree because she is gave me the gift of cleaning the house all week, making the Mother's Day dinner, and she painted me a beautiful picture.

It was a great Mother's Day! I love those kids!

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