Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Rach!

To Rachel, my blogging mentor, the hammer to my barn, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

The girls celebrate Rachel's birthday!

In your honor, we went to Snow Biz and thought of you!

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Tanner Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!
I love your post! I totally wish I could have gone to Snow Biz with you - thank you for honoring me. You all look great! Enough about you - what about me? I am cracking up at the first picture because it is like a glamour shots with a fan blowing.
Thank You!!!!!
We miss you!!!!

Truman sat on his potty chair today. He was wearing his pants while he sat!

Tanner Family Blog said...

Hi, Ardis and I are sitting here and she is joining us in blog land. I put her link on my blog. My birthday is coming to an end. Truman just woke up crying saying his "knee hurts" - I think it's growing pains.

Ardis's Adventures said...

Isn't Rachel the best? It's fun to be here with her and Nathan and their sweet kids. I love your blog by the way, so cute!
Can you tell Charlotte that I say hello, and that I had so much fun with her last summer, especially when my sister and I took her and Grace to swimming lessons every day. That's exciting that she's going to come visit again this summer! Grace is super excited about that.