Monday, May 26, 2008

Recent Events

Our pool has become a breeding ground for toads and frogs.

Bill started a new job (believe it or not, here in Oxford) and he went on his company's private jet. It's just like being married to John Travolta. Except for the Scientology part.

We found four kittens in our shed. They kids fell in love with them. Only one is left, but it looks like she is here to stay. More pets. Great.

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Tanner Family Blog said...

First of all, what is going on with the friends and family?? I have so been taken off the list?
second, I love that you are posting!
and third, Kelly Preston can be your new BFF!

Patrick said...

Marianne told me about your blog, we love to look at other people's's very fun.

So, it looks like you have either Bufo fowleri or Bufo americanus in your pool. That's great!

Bill said...

Patrick, I don't know about the ones in the pool, but I have identified the one dressed in the suit as a billfye americanus.