Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Truman!!!

Truman is one of the cutest, funnest, happiest, busiest boys ever!!! When I think of Truman, I think of "Hi Lis," trains, planets, his pants requirements, "I love you," chocolate in the morning, naps in his clothes, "Mommy happy?", running and running, lots of laughter, and how he would go snuggle with Rachel on the couch.


Truman and I don't even look like we are of the same race. I am a descendant of red people.

It's not really the necktie that's bothering him, it's that he is not fully dressed.

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Tanner Family Blog said...

Thanks for the birthday tribute! Truman had a great day - he was super happy and funny today!
He ate his chocolate in your honor!

We miss you!

Tanner Family Blog said...

Truman had a good birthday. I made him a game called "pin the number three on the shirt." Because he wore a number three shirt all day.

He got a Thomas the Train card game and a top that he likes to spin fast. He also got a Pablo Balloon because he loves the Backyardigans!

Tell Charlotte, Hannah, Max and Henry that we miss them. Truman will love to play with them this summer. My mom said Max is going to be his manny.

Love, Grace