Monday, August 11, 2008


When in Rome... Last week we went out in the country and drove around in these little trucks that Bill's company owns. We were peeling out in the mud, the kids were whooping and hollering. It made me laugh and cry at the same time.

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Cyndi said...

What fun little trucks. Love them.

Grace said...

I love these pictures. It looks like you guys are having so much fun! But where are you? Are you on some sort of attachment to the truck so you can film them while they drive? Like you are a stunt man?
Charlotte looks so little driving! I'll show this post to Grace in the morning and she'll be so jealous!

Bill said...

It's actually done using a green screen and a CGI background. We did it all on a sound stage using body doubles and photoshopped the family's faces in during post-production.

Charlotte looks so small because we hired a Chinese Olympic gymnast as her stand in.