Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bills' New Office Burned Up

Bill's company had been remodeling (for almost a year) a beautiful building on The Square. They were scheduled to move in this week.
In the middle of the night, some rags in the building caught on fire, and the whole inside burned. It just made me sick to see it.
Looks like it will be another year...

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Alyson said...

That is so too bad about Bill's office! What ironic timing. And it was so pretty, too.

I enjoyed catching up on your blog. You are so funny. I am tolerant of cats but don't really love them either (allergic also). This is the secret, however, to getting all cats to ADORE one. They forsake all otherinviting lap-patting and cooing to rest on my cold-mannered, stiff, silent lap. And for many years I was always assigned to visit teach at least one person who had MILLIONS of them. Well, we miss you! Alyson