Monday, March 23, 2009


Our little Henry turned 8 on Saturday! He is our baby, and it has been bitter-sweet seeing him reach this milestone. I can't believe how the years have flown by! Henry is hilarious and sweet, and we love him. Congratulations, Henry!

Our church building is under construction, but the room with the font in it was finished, so we could use our font. Many of our good friends came. Max gave the opening prayer, I gave a talk on baptism, Charlotte gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, Bill baptized and confirmed Henry, and Hannah gave the closing prayer. It was very sweet. Yesterday at church, Henry was called up on the stand, and Bishop Tait welcomed him as the newest member of the Oxford ward. It is very moving to see your own child make the covenants that you know are the key to happiness.
We love you, Henry!

Henry wanted to do a cannon-ball into the font, but he lost his nerve.

Henry loves his scripture set and the carrying case. Finally, he has his own real scriptures like everybody else!

After the baptism, we went out to dinner with some good friends: the Nicholas Family, the Pratts, the Telfords and the Ordynas. We went to a new Hibachi place, and the funnest part was watching the kids' faces. They loved it!

Max looks like he could be having a business lunch. He is so cosmopolitan.

Henry had his party at The Skate Place. I must have had my camera set on blurry.

The kids had fun skating, running around in their socks, playing the arcade games, and having cupcakes.

Henry especially likes the way his name is written on his scriptures--it's "fancy."

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Tina said...

Henry's hand shot up high when the Stake President asked the Primary children if any of them had their own set of scriptures. :)

So glad you had a special day together!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Henry! We give you an across the USA HooRAH!

Tanner Family Blog said...

Henry - happy birthday and congratulations! We wish we could have been there for the big event!

Max - have your people call my people.

We miss you guys!

Ardis's Adventures said...

Yay Henry! How exciting!
Max does look like a young professional! Check him out!

Tracy said...

Hi Aunt Alisa~ Happy birthday to Henry! I can't believe how grown up the kids are! We saw you guys 2 or 3 years ago, but it seems like forever! They are getting so big! You guys are adorable & I'm adding your blog to mine now so I can see what you guys are up to. Love ya! Tracy

Marianne said...

HOly HAnd Grenades!!! I can't believe he is 8....I was just talking about him today to a friend and said..he's like 5 or 6...(remind me to tell you later why I was talking about him!). PS...your hair has gotten SOOO long/ looks great!!

Alyson Broberg said...

I can't believe Henry is 8 now!!! Happy Birthday! I just realized what day that would birthday! And the birthday of J.S. Bach, spring equinox, all kinds of good stuff. You all look so healthy and good. Congratulations on the baptism and all good things.